Haoming CAI (Helmut Choy)

Feel free to call me Helmut or Haoming.


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23' Summer Intern Wanted

I am looking for AI/CV research internship for 2023 summer.

Contact Info


(Main) hmcai@umd.edu

(Main) helmut.choy@gmail.com

About Me

I am an incoming Ph.D. student in Computer Science at the University of Maryland - College Park with Dean Fellowship Award.

Currently, I am a Research Assistant supervised by Prof.Chao DONG from XPixel. I also work closely with Ph.D. cancidate Jinjin GU.

My previous research interests mainly lie in Computer Vision and its related explainations caused by Deep Learning, especially in:

  • Low-level Vision : How to Design and Guide more efficient Image Restoration models to tackle multiple and tangled distortions in real-world scenario.

  • Explainable Artificial Intelligence : How to observe/depict/measure the procedure that machine extracts and leverages information embeded in the image and video.



[May-20-2022] 😋 I will become a CS Ph.D. student at UMD with Dean Fellowship Award this fall.

  • [Jul-03-2022] One paper is accepted by ECCV 2022.

  • [Jun-06-2022] XPixel Metaverse is online now ! What achivements we have made !

  • [Apr-20-2022] Winner of Model Complexity Track in NTIRE 2022 Efficient Image Super-resolution Challenge (more than 30 teams).

  • [Feb-20-2022] I became the co-organizer of 2nd Perceptual IQA Challenge in NTIRE 2022.

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Selected Publications

→ Full list in Goolge Scholar

Toward Interactive Modulation for Photo-Realistic Image Restoration

Haoming Cai, Jingwen He, Yu Qiao, Chao Dong.


[PDF] [Code]

Pipal: a large-scale image quality assessment dataset for perceptual image restoration

Gu Jinjin, Haoming Cai, Chen Haoyu, Ye Xiaoxing, Jimmy S Ren, Dong Chao.

ECCV 2020

[PDF] [Code]

Education/Research Experience


XPixel Metaverse


XPixel Metaverse (Jun/06/2022)

All publications (2014-2022) of XPixel and their inner connection/value/development are presented here. Meanwhile, our group culture/belief is showed here. It is proud to observe our achivements (both research and culture) from this view. You can also find my research CUGAN and PIPAL on it. For detailed explaination, you can find HERE (Only Chinese Version now). Thanks for brilliant creation from Jin LI.

Academic Service & Awards


  • UMD Dean Fellowship Awards 2022-2024

Workshop Co-organizer

  • Perceptual Image Quality Assessment Challenge in CVPR 2021&2022 NTIRE workshop

Academic Reviewer

  • ICCV 2021, TPAMI, ACM TOMM, WACV 2023, CVPR 2021&2022 NTIRE workshop

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