I am a junior student major in Computer Science in the School of Data Science at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen.

I currently study as visiting student in X-Pixel Group supervised by Prof. Chao Dong. I work closely with Ph.D. Jinjin Gu who is intresed in interpretability of deep learning algorithm.

Recently, I mainly focus on the Generative Model, Image Quality Assessment and Interpretability of Deep Learning in Image Processing field.

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🔥 NEWS !

  1. [2021-05-07] Give a talk of popular sciecne for grade 8 students.Lecture PPT
  2. [2021-04-23] The report of NTIRE IQA Challenge was completed and accepted by CVPR 2021 NTIRE workshop. More in NTIRE 2021 Codalab
  3. [2021-04-22] Toward Interactive Modulation for Photo-Realistic Image Restoration was accepted by CVPR 2021 NTIRE workshop.
  4. [2021-03-01] Upload Habit Page in My Homepage
  5. [2021-01-01] Upload ReyeR Software Intro Page in My Homepage
  6. [2020-09-02] Image Quality Assessment for Perceptual Image Restoration: A New Dataset, Benchmark and Metric was completed and is under reviewed by IJCV.
  7. [2020-05-17] PIPAL: a Large-Scale Image Quality Assessment Dataset for Perceptual Image Restoration was accepted by ECCV 2020.